Hi Christophe,

> > (de fltr (Buf Ln)
> >    (setq New_buf (mapcar '((Ele) (pack (tail (- (length Ln)) (chop Ele))))
> >       (filter '((Ele) (pre? Ln Ele)) Buf))))
> I'm not an expert, I just want to warn and maybe be confirmed.
> As Alex said recently, PicoLisp programs should rarely use setq.

Indeed! When I saw the above definition, I was ready to say something about it.
But then I understood that Dean obviously just extracted a sample from some
other code he is working on, and that the 'setq' might be the remains of

> I'd add (please confirm):
> 1) especially in function definitions, as
> 2) it creates/modifies like «global variables», which many consider
> bad practice.

Yes. At least - if it is really necessary - is should be named '*New_buf' to
mark it clearly as a global.

♪♫ Alex
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