Hi Dean,

> I'm tending to develop functions in isolation so I can watch them like a
> hawk.

Watching like a hawk is always good! ;)

In addition to that, I would recommend to use 'trace' and 'debug'. Especially
'trace' is more useful than it may seem, letting you monitor your whole
program's behavior selectively. Individual functions can be single-stepped with
'debug', or by manually setting a breakpoint '!' with 'edit' or in the source

> (let Some_sym.......
>       Some_sym is seen anywhere up to the closing bracket above  ---)
> but then I seem to want to access Some_sym beyond the closing bracket
> SEEMINGLY dictated by the flow of control.

Just move '(let Some_sym ...' up.

> (let A 1 B2
> write your program as usual here safe in the knowledge that you have access
> to A and B

I think you mean

   (let (A 1  B 2)
      ... )

♪♫ Alex
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