> 10 mars 2017 kl. 01:17 skrev <andr...@itship.ch> <andr...@itship.ch>:
> Thanks for your comments and insights, Jakob.
> I just want to shortly assure you that I really liked your emails and your 
> participation.


> Sidenote:
> Before GitHub, sourceforge.net was the singular main hoster for FOSS 
> sourcecode.
> They lost their status when they bundled the downloads with adware (and 
> malware).

Something like that can happen.

But I stand by my point - github and it's social network is unique.

> BitKeeper vs. Linux (the reason we have git now).

So thanks to Bitkeeper we could push the state of the art away from CVS. Great.

> GitHub:
> On 2017-03-01 GitHub introduced

> Basically, when uploading FOSS-licensed content to GitHub, the uploader 
> automatically grants GitHub a special license, so actually a case of 
> dual-licensing.
> The problem now is, that when the content is copyrighted by other authors 
> beside the uploader, 
> then the uploader cannot (in usual cases) actually grant this license legally 
> to GitHub, as most FOSS-licenses forbid sublicensing and/or removal of the 
> original attributions.

Just ... not accurate.


> I don't believe GitHub will take big damage because of this, especially as 
> there is no serious contender on the rise.

Exactly there's none.

> But it's surely a sign that GitHub is not a singularity from the usual 
> development of such things.
> It's not an idealistic group of nerds anymore, but a big company (e.g. lookup 
> the "github meritocracy" drama).

I never said nor implied such a thing.
I just observe that github is the largest community of software developers in 
the history of the Universe.

> For the other points mentioned by you and others about picolisp:
> Just do it. PicoLisp is MIT-licensed. Action speaks louder than words.

Put up or shut up? Of course you are right. About me. Because I know where to 
find everything picolisp related. But I argue (maybe incorrectly) that there 
can be other people in a kind of Hitchikers guide to the Galaxy situation - 
Picolisp is behind the leopard etc...

But all this is beside the point for PicoLisp, we know now that it won't come 
to github. I just wanted to defend my own viewpoint, I didn't like how I was 

> This!
> I'm on it.

Speaking of, anybody tried to compile emu pico in emscripten?

-- Jakob 

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