Hi list! (ha ha, a list…)

Could someone provide me with a function which looks like 'de
but is not 'de itself. Let's call it 'decar.

With de:

(de myfn args
  # here args is the list of the unevaluated args that were
  # given when calling myfn

With decar:

(decar myfn arg
  # here arg is the first arg given when calling myfn, unevaluated

This is my attempt:

(de decar args
  (let (fn (car args)
         arg (cadr args)
         body (cddr args))
        (set fn (list (list "arg") (list 'let arg "arg" (list 'run body))))))

but I don't understand what I'm missing.
What do you think ?


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