Hi all,

now the port of PicoLisp to Linux on Arm64 is ready for testing!

Note that I had to change the build target "arm64.linux" in src64/Makefile to

"arm64.linux" is the new non-Android target! This is because until now there was
only the Arm64 port to Android, and "arm64.linux" was actually a misnomer,
assuming that Android and Linux are compatible here.

So, to build for Android, you must now target "arm64.android"!

I tested with qemu-system-aarch64, and it builds the normal way. You need to do

   $ http://software-lab.de/arm64.linux.tgz
   $ tar xfz picoLisp.tgz
   $ cd picoLisp

then, as there is no global package yet, bootstrap it with

   $ wget http://software-lab.de/arm64.linux.tgz
   $ tar xfz arm64.linux.tgz

and build it:

   $ (cd src64; make)

♪♫ Alex

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