Hi Henrik

Your tutorials helped me to get into pil DB (thanks for that!).
There are quite some references to your app in your blog posts - I'm curious and interested.
I'd love to read the code, I would much appreciate it.


Am 2018-04-08 15:22, schrieb Henrik Sarvell:
Hi list,

Before the AI stuff Alex was helping me with some DB related stuff
that was going into my new RSS and bookmarker combo of an app.

The bookmarking part is a result of delicious deteriorating to such an
extent that it was unusable.

The feed reading I already had more or less completed in an earlier
unpresentable app.

It looks like I'm not going to manage to complete that last mile to
get to a polished thing. I'm still using it though so it must be good

It might take me an hour or two to write an install tutorial in case
there is interest in me uploading the project?

It's a non-trivial example of a complete app using the standard
PicoLisp DB after all, that could be used by beginners to explore
without having to overload IRC and mailing list with questions.

The database parts should be fairly solid (as they're made by Alex as
much as by me) with progressively less clean code upwards in the stack
so to speak, ie using jquery and more or less ad hoc Ajax requests.

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