Thanks Alex,
I see, if the assumption was long to be 64 bits then perhaps all the
"long"s in the code should be changed to int64_t .... I see that there are
several usages of long in the code other than the couple of places I

I was wondering though if there is some implementation of miniPicoLisp out
there that I could use as reference - perhaps just with the ability to call
an external program.


On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 10:01 AM Alexander Burger <>

> Hi Kashyap,
> > I've decided to try and extend miniPicoLisp with networking(or perhaps
> just
> > the capability to call into external program) to make it useful as a
> > scripting system that I can share with my colleagues. Please do let me
> know
> > if that's not a good idea.
> This is surely a good idea. Ersatz is too slow, and Java in general is a
> hog.
> Pil21 is not ready yet, and will be loaded with all that POSIX stuff.
> > Towards that, as a first step, I tried to compile miniPicoLIsp with
> 64bit C
> > compiler and ran into some errors. Could you please take a look at this
> > patch and confirm if these changes are sufficient? I essentially changed
> > the use of long to long long in a couple of places :)
> I see. I would have expected 'long' to be 64 bits in a 64-bit environment

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