Good day, Mike -

 Without any arguments, it does nothing .
  I did write in previous mails (I think):
    $ pil L_RT.l -pr      # coredumps
 / $ pil  L_RT.l -pr +  # no coredump

 Sorry if I did not make that clear .
 L_RT.l is a half-finished part of an appilication specific Web-Based
  IP + VPN + Router + Firewall + DNS + DHCP + RADIUS / LDAP + SNMP
  Configurator I am writing for my company.
 Without any arguments, it assumes it is just being Sourced and does nothing -
 Arguments :
   '-pr' | '-PR' | 'prin_route' : load & process routes , with a function that
                                      expects a single 'route' LIST argument .
  I got as far as getting it to merge the 2 main command-line accessable
 kernel RT-NETLINK route info data sources: /proc/net/route and 'ip route show'
 -- before discovering this pil bug, as I believe this is.

 Certainly, a pil debugger, when configured in Emacs mode, with an Emacs Server
 running, SHOULD IMHO attempt to bring up a picolisp Debug session and
 a GDB Debug Session in Emacs buffers using 'emacsclient -e' .
 That is what I am now focusing on getting working.

 But secondly, the debugger is not detecting any problems, yet a coredump
 occurs WITHOUT debugging enabled, which suggests a problem with the
 implementation of the special handling for the trailing '+' last member of
 (argv) (though this is never shown in lists returned by (argv) ).

 I just thought I should report this anomalous / buggy coredump to the pil
 development team - it is one that has got me foxed & don't have time
 to investigate it in depth .

Best Regards,

On 02/08/2023, <> wrote:
> On 02-08-2023 03:03, Jason Vas Dias wrote:
>> Here's an improved version of that program,
> ====
> $ pil L_RT.l
> :
> $
> ====
> I have got just a prompt.
> (mike)


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