Hi Sebastien.. Hi Everyone too!

Sorry man, I have been so busy that I cant got deep in picviz... but ASAP I 
will post new results.

Im very exited to be part of the repo of high quality of pictures, but I will 
wait until Im able to download Mandriva and can generate good pngs.

I have one comment about this repo, is about filters, I think that it should 
include some kind of documentation about the filters used to generate the 
pictures, and a Analysis of the results. Maybe just the image is not enough.

BTW, do you have any preferred tool to sanitize logs?


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On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 8:09 PM, Rafael Torrales Levaggi
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> Hi.

Hello Rafael,

> Im a new fan of PicViz, I have installed a part of it in clean debian
> installation with some compilation problems, after I tried different
> methods, and after a few headaches the basic part works.

Can you tell us the problems encountered? so that we can ease stuff.

> I have used the basic usage, with fast results, like a very graphic
> Conficker behavior in a network, but I want some more.

I want that. Can you share the data and/or the picture? what output
did you use? svg, png? I am trying to set a repo of generated

> I want it to make jpg files, and the GUI sounds attractive. So, Im
> curious about in what distros it runs well, without ANY compilation
> problem.

The award distro today is Mandriva, where there do a great job
maintaining as close as upstream releases possible. So well that you
don't even need to compile. Fedora has the previous (0.4) version that
is good for png output.

Can you share here your compilations problems so that we can help you?

Thanks you,
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