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<vic...@las.ic.unicamp.br> wrote:
> Hello, folks!

Hello Victor,

> I'm Victor Amaducci and will work on Picviz Project in GSOC! I will need
> help from you to work in this project, and I want help you became the Picviz
> a better software! My english isn't very well, casue that I apologize now
> but I always will try communicate with you using this mainlist, asking help
> and posting solutions!

Welcome aboard! and congratulations, as you've got selected for the
Google Summer of Code on behalf of the honeynet project.

For those interested, you can read other honeynet related subjects
which got accepted there ->

And Victor project is described here:

Victor will work on Picviz-GUI.

Recently I have been hacking on the Python bindings for Picviz, it is
all described on the wiki page:

As for your English, don't worry Victor, we all improved by
practicing. As I guess most of people here are not native English
speakers, they will understand.

Picviz is now your community, feel free, you and Gabriel, to shake it!
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