> > will support that. Mike was presented to us and he talked about the gPP
> > (GenPicVizParser), he is willing to help us in this task and he allowed
> > us to use the gPP code.
> Great, thank Mike! (Julien, your nickname confuse people from your
> real name ;)).
Look who's talking, Mr Toady ! ; ). 
As for the GUI and GPP, it's true I haven't been active on the project since 
it was assigned to me. I am happy to see such enthousiasm on the GUI part from 
you guys, and I'll do my best to help you with the alien-helping part ; ). gPP 
surely needs to be rewrited at some point, but there's some material there 
that can help you save some time, I hope. 
Keep me in the loop !
Julien "Mike Perdide" Miotte 

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