Hi, thanks for using PIDA. Answers below:

> Hello,
> I've just installed Pida and I very like it. I'm vim user. I don't
> like use mouse when I code. In Pida, when I start File Browser
> with :e . vim command, I've some issues :
> * sometime, focus isn't on file list so I must use tab key many time
> or use mouse. It's unproductive;
> * when I would like return to editor (vim) I must use mouse. It's
> unproductive;
> my questions :
> * can I set focus on file browser ?

Yes, the default shortcut for this is Shift-Control-F (you can of
course change this)

> * can I add shortkey (example ESCAPE) to return to editor ?

This is only in the SVN version, and will be in PIDA-0.5.1, and the
default shortcut is Shift-Control-E. It was in 0.4.4 but somehow got
missed out of 0.5. You can wait for the release, upgrade to SVN trunk,
or extract the patch yourself. It is quite simple:

> Thanks for your great tools.
> Stephane

A Pleasure.

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