On Jul 1, 3:39 am, rezzrovv <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Looks nice.  Here is my issue and perhaps I am missing what I want/
> need.  I hate to have to take my hands off the keyboard.  I use VIM +
> Project (vim plugin) w/ a few other nice mappings and I can move
> around the screen w/out ever having to move my fingers to the dreaded
> arrow keys.  Is this possible w/ PIDA? I can see the possibilities of
> the plugins and so forth but don't want to have to use a mouse to move
> up a directory in the file buffer listing (or anywhere else for that
> matter).

Hi, and thanks for using PIDA.

These features are already present:

* Shortcut to focus file browser
* Shortcuts to switch previous/next buffer previous/next terminal

The current features have been implemented in trunk and will be
present in the upcoming 0.5.1 release:

* Shortcut to focus editor
* Shortcut to focus terminal
* Shortcut to browse parent directory


> SP
> On Jun 29, 12:44 pm, Ali <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > The PIDA team are proud to bring you PIDA 0.5.0.
> > New features include a core rewrite, new plugins, greater stability
> > and all around loveliness.
> > Remember: PIDA Loves You!

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