Hello everyone,

I have implemented an initial front-end to the Debugger rpdb2 (which
is the Winpdb http://www.digitalpeers.com/pythondebugger/ back end).
Although I don't have too much time to dedicate to this it works, but
needs a lot of care and attention to make it absolutely perfect. The
back-end is fully featured, so I see no reason why the debugging
integration can't be as good as (or even better) than something found
in WingIDE, for example.

You can see a screen shot of it in action here:

I am requesting that budding developers (who wish to use this feature)
please step up to take over its maintenance.

In order to use it, please symlink trunk/pida-plugins/python_debugger
to ~/.pida2/plugins/ or install it from the website (using the plugin

You can browse the source online here:

I have cc'd the Winpdb author in case he is interested in helping
(Hello Nir!)


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