Hi Khiraly, in general I woulds say that running uninstalled is for 
developers, because you are likely to have these kind of problems. The 
causes are simple though,

khiraly wrote:
> Ahh, somemore investigation:
> if I delete my pida folder (rm -rf ~/.pida2), after restarting it (./
> run-pida.sh) it pops up for selecting an editor (Emacs, Mooedit, Vim).
> * If I choose emacs:
>   it prints to the console:
>   [Errno 2] No such file or directory
>   and pida quits. (I assume no emacs installed.
You need to compile Emacs with the embedding patches. Instructions are 
on the Wiki.

> * if I choose Mooedit:
>   it prints to the console:
>   'module' object has no attribute 'utils'
>   and pida hangs on the splash screen
Having compiled Moo editor, and then running from the source directory, 
it is attempting to import moo in the local directory. Just do rm 
moo/__init__.py and it will be fine.
> * if I chooes Vim:
>   pida starts normally!
That's some good news at least.


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