Hello Ali,

> > is there a way to set a filter on the file viewer? I would like to add a
> > filter to hide all latex compilation related files.
> You can set a regular expression to hide files in 
> prefernces/filemanager/. If you meant programmatically, there was talk 
> of the file manager service providing a feature that other services can 
> register as providing. If it's not implemented already it would be 
> reasonably easy.

Yes it's possible by implementing a feature. Do you think it's a good
idea to do so in the pdftex preview plugin? In my opinion its ok for the
version control plugin to do so, but if every plugin designed for a
special programming language does, there might be the case that a user
wants to hide some files but some others not.

Anyway, I think it would be a good idea to advance the show/hide button
in the file manager with a popdown menu so that the user can show/hide
sets of files. There would be options like "python compiles", "version
control", "latex compiles", etc. The menu can also be extended by
implementing a feature. There should also be a custom entry which
replaces the preference option because I think a preference option is
not user friendly (ok, there is the point that such an entry cannot be
system but only project wide). What do you think about it?

Best wishes,


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