> Anyway, I think it would be a good idea to advance the show/hide button
> in the file manager with a popdown menu so that the user can show/hide
> sets of files. There would be options like "python compiles", "version
> control", "latex compiles", etc. The menu can also be extended by
> implementing a feature. There should also be a custom entry which
> replaces the preference option because I think a preference option is
> not user friendly (ok, there is the point that such an entry cannot be
> system but only project wide). What do you think about it?

sounds reasonable.

it might be handy, to have a key and a scope for each file hiding

where key is a unique name (like latex-results, object-files or hidden-
files) and "scope" is either Project or Global

the alternative is using the file-ignoring of your favorite scm
pida already hides files your scm ignores

this probably requires some more thought
i prefer using the scm, since it already works
but the key/scope approach is more flexible

comments are appreciated :)

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