Tobias Eberle wrote:
> Hi,
>> I'm running Pida on Ubuntu 8.04. Just downloaded it from the
>> repositories. I read in the documentation that Pida works with not
>> just vim and emacs, as it can also integrate with editors like Gedit
>> and Scite. I also downladed Scite, but Pida only offers me vim and
>> emacs to choose from. How do I include other editors?
> of course pida cannot support every embeddable editor generically, but
> if an editor is embeddable it is possible to embed it into pida, one
> only has to write an EditorService which can be understood as clue
> between the editor and pida. Check out scintilla which is scite's editor
> component if you wanna write the corresponding EditorService.

Hi guys,

We did embed Scintilla in previous versions of PIDA, but the 
Py-GTK-Scintilla bindings are incomplete, broken and unmaintained. I can 
probably dig you up the patches we used at the time to get them working, 
but still nothing could prevent the odd segfault. Thinking about it 
though, WingIDE use a derivation of the bindings, and although Wing is 
closed source, I suspect these bindings would have to be opened, so 
maybe talk to them.

In summary, I am not sure scintilla is the way to go. If you want a 
notepad+ type editor, have a look at MooEdit, which is actually 
integrated into PIDA already.

Scite is also a possibility. If it is embeddable, and has a decent 
remote procedure protocol, then it will be straightforward to embed.


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