On 12 Sep., 16:21, Francois <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi all,
> As anybody some news on the current development of pida.
> Looks like the bitbucket repository is very active ...
> In which directions is going Pida, what are the main goal of the
> current developments  ?
We are Hacking on many things that are incompatible to the last
release by now.

We are here:

* Projects are vellum files now
* The plugin system is largely reworked
* rope got integrated , we got dynamic python analysis
* anyvc gets extracted and more unittests
  * native hg support
  * Javier Derderian (author of bzr-gedit) is taking a look into
adding native bzr support
  * finally initial tests for git (it will need tonns of hacks to get
the bastard named git scripted reliably)
  * better subversion support, still non-native tho
* various ui and option enhancements
* initial works on new autocompletion apis
* save start mode where unsave options are replaced by defaults
* kill all options start mode, where pida kills all saved options and
replaces them by defaults
* we are looking into a rich vim api for better integration

We want to finish the following before releasing 0.6

* finalize vellum integration
* finalize anyvc extraction
  * MORE unittests in anyvc
* fixing more bugs from launchpad/trac
* integrate rope refactoring

More things will probably come up.

> Can't wait to have some good news ...
> Anyway keep going, your work is excellent
> Francois

Regards Ronny
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