I would llike to compile PIDA under windows XP. I looked around, but
haven't any luck
to collect all necessary information.

I found out that at least one person has successfully compiled pida
under windows in the past.

So goal are:
Compile pida with medit (mooeditor) under windows.

I try to share my experience with others, and hope that we together
can compile in the end pida under windows. So please if you have some
information just share.

I have written pygtk application under windows xp. So I have pygtk
(and python of course) set up under windows xp. So import pygtk works
in python shell.

0. Could some dev provide a link to working (runable) pida version? So
from which repository should we start? There are multiple repositories
and multiple version controls (bazaar mercurial, etc). I think its
really bad decision, because there are few developers working on pida,
and you are cutter more the developement. Anyway, command to obtain a
working version would be really appreciated.

1. Is  cygwin or mingw required to compile pida? Or a regular windows
shell (cmd.exe) enough to run pida? I ask because setup.py call 'pkg-
config' which are linux/unix specific (or require mingw to run).
Correct me if it is wrong.

For a working pygtk environment under windows, it is simply required
this all-in-one installer:

I use it on multiple machine without problems.

I hope you can help me out, and have a working pida under windows.

Thank you,
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