khiraly wrote:
> Hi!
> I have updated the windows installation wiki page:
> There are 8 steps to install pida on windows. I have not tested it
> yet, but I
> will as soon as I can. I will test Ronny's newest option work (thanks
> ronny!), if
> it is really working under windows.
> With his work, gconf is not needed anymore on windows (major
> showstopper).
> Im writing this email for two reasons:
> 1. First please look at this page, and spot the errors (if any), and
> make suggestions.
> 2. Try the steps from the wiki, and report your success.
> Best regards,
>  Khiral
Hi, I can't test, but I had a good look at the page. It is excellent 
that we are finally getting good information about this in one place, so 
well done!

Perhaps some kind of table might be useful in order that we can check to 
see what still needs doing, and status with other things, at a quick glance?


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