> Perhaps some kind of table might be useful in order that we can check to
> see what still needs doing, and status with other things, at a quick glance?

It looks like there are only one thing left: launching dbus properly
under windows.

I have gone through the wiki page and tested the steps (and made small
There are only this dbus thing left. "import dbus" works, just it
looks like
dbus does not run in the background and does not accept incoming

So anybody can take a look to the updated wiki page and try out the
steps and report.
If somebody knows what Im missing with dbus, please answer.

Rodfersou:Have you successfully launched dbus under windows?
Is it accepted incoming connections?

Im a bit stuck with this problem.

So please take a look at http://pida.co.uk/trac/wiki/WindowsInstallation
, and

Thank you,

ps: would be nice to have a windows version when 0.6 comes out.

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