Thanks Guzmo,

> [...]
> well all you want is to have project listing the same way eclipse
> does. I don't think I'd want it like that. Though, it's totally
> possible to write another project service that integrates
> filemanager's abilities for browsing inside current project.

Yes I think that's it even if I'm not very familiar with Eclipse.
I have used komodo-edit and IMHO I think there are some very good
ideas in their project management and browsing facilities.
Have a look here to see  the different concepts they use:

> I am, personally totally against mixing project service with
> filemanager service, because when I used eclipse, I really
> found it was a bad ergonomic choice.

Well I think PIDA can do a lot better ...
For me project managment is about:
* building/executing/refactoring facilities like tools, macro, ...
* and/also files management facilities (VC, directory management,
files import with extensions, project export...)

> But what I think would be really nice, is to have a project wide
> class browser that browses directory->files->symbols. But I the
> project view, is, imho, just a fast project switcher.

This idea is excellent.
I'm also with you for fast project switcher.
I may be wrong here but how do you keep the list of files currently
used in the project ?
When switching from one project to another one the idea is to have all
the files belonging to the current project available.
This already possible in PIDA ?

> I even think that we should be able to have a tree with project
> groups as roots and projects as leaves.

I agree with you. Some times before I made a ticket for this:

> > We can perhaps just only show the files without the dir/subdir tree
> > and add an option for this.
> [...]
> nonsense... we already have the filemanager to achieve that !

Indeed but IMHO it's much more easier to select a file from list of
FilesOfCurrentProject rather than finding this file in the filemanager
if this file is in a obscure path.

just my 2 cents
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