I'm still not really sure where I should post this kind of report. Is
this the right place?

Starting with pida-main changeset:  2161 (e8620f95321f) ("check editor
before starting")
when I run from the command line, it works fine
but when I run from a gnome launcher icon, it pops up the PIDA First Run
Wizard (while the splash screen is still up)

The Wizard cannot find gvim python support (or anything else for that
matter). If I press Quit instead of OK, it quits the wizard, but the
splash screen stays up, frozen at that location.  Then I have to kill
the process by hand. Pressing OK seems to actually quit the program.

So there are two problems: 1) the first run wizard Quit button doesn't
actually quit things and
2) I cannot run pida from the gnome application launcher because it
launches the first run wizard

I really don't know why. Probably there is something in the environment
that is different, but it's a bit strange to me. The previous changeset
2160 (3836df4cc637) works fine.

Thanks for your work on this.


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