On Jan 14, 3:41 am, Ryan Freckleton <ryan.freckle...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I recently discovered PIDA and thought it would be a good candidate to do
> some session based exploratory testing. I just discovered exploratory
> testing as well, so this is mostly an exercise to practice that new skill.
> I spent twenty minutes just trying to survey the GUI. Here are some
> questions that I found:
> * When the splash screen is up, is load time mostly taken up by loading
> python modules?
its module loading + setting up the services
> * What does the "create file" entry in the menu do? I assume it's different
> than the functionality of "new file".
the idea is that create makes a new named buffer that refers to a yet
to be made filename
and new makes a new unnamed buffer

the vim one for that is a bit screwed

> * Is the search functionality extensible through plugins or have any other
> interesting features?
not yet
> * How does the project system work? Is it just additional metadata stored in
> a text file?
its metadata in .pida-meta, any plugin may use it
i think currently only puilder, indexing and rope python analysis use
> * No documentation exists through the help menu. Do I have to do something
> to build the documentation?
no ui integrated help yet
there is a sphinx documentation in ./docs
if anyone figures how to make a devhelp from that i'll happyly

> * What do the various icons on the status bar mean?
> * How do the "Notify" and "FileWatcher" functionality work?
notify uses pynotify or an own fallback to provide notifications

filewatcher is a messy set of fallbacks to use gamin/fam/gio

> Anyone have some quick answers to these? I'll continue exploring this
> awesome piece of software. if there's a place in the documentation I should
> look, please tell me that as well.
> Thanks!
> =====
> --Ryan E. Freckleton
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