I have a really weird error. I installed PIDA this morning from the
mercurial trunk. I did it by running using checkinstall in combination
with the python distutils. (I ran "sudo checkinstall python setup.py
intall --prefix /usr", which installed properly and made deb

I use Vim as my preferred editor component. When I launch PIDA from
the terminal with the command "pida" it works perfectly fine. But if I
launch it from a GNOME launcher, using either the menu or GNOME Do, it
insists it can't find the GVim python bindings and gives me only Emacs
as an editor choice.

This is really weird, and I'm not sure what's the matter. I can't read
any console output to show any errors because whenever I launch it
from the console it works. Any hints on how to figure out what's wrong
would be much appreciated.


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