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> Hi,
> As some of you know, I have been working for a ReStructuredText plugin
> for pida since a while.
> http://bitbucket.org/bernh/pida-rst-plugin/
> It's now pretty stable and I'm fairly sure that it won't eat your data
> if you try it. It works out of the box for plain rst files and basic
> Sphinx projects (which includes the PIDA documentation itself).
> As soon as you like to use Sphinx extensions some work is required:
> Create a "rst" directory inside the project specific .pida-metadata
> directory and place a rst.json file inside. It should look like this:
> {
>  "sphinx": true,
>  "basedir": "/path/to/sphinx/project",
>  "builddir": "_build"
> }
> basedir it the directory that contains the Sphinx conf.py
> Some GUI support for creating this config data is on top of my TODO
> list but I have found no easy way to do this. Suggestions?

Very nice!

I don't have any direct thoughts on GUI configuration -- perhaps just a tree
view of key-value pairs for now? The project that I'm working on (Java
support for PIDA) will likely eventually need something similar.

We may want to look into adding a JSON schema for the PIDA conifguration
file...that may make adding a GUI for configuration data easier...

An interesting problem that I'll try to chew on some more.

--Ryan E. Freckleton

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