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  The following are a list of tips that people have discovered for making their 
pig queries run faster.  Please feel free to add any tips you have.
- ''' Use Code from Types Branch'''
+ ''' Use Latest Code'''
- The new and improved code available from is significantly faster 
than the code currently on the trunk.  (Currently, 2008 Dec 2, it requires 
hadoop 18.x; and you should make sure to fix the We are 
planning to merge the code back to trunk in a couple of weeks but meanwhile, 
please, give it a try. Here is the performance comparisons:
+ The latest code has been merged into trunk on 1/12/09. It is significantly 
faster than the currently released code in Pig 0.1.1.  We are planning to 
release Pig 0.2.0 that incorporates new changes shortly. Here is the 
performance comparison:
  ||'''Query Type''' || '''Pig 1.4 (s)''' || '''Pig 2.0 (s)''' || 
'''Improvement (times)''' ||
  || GENERATE with Arithmetic operations || 837 || 345 || '''2.4x''' ||

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