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  The same goes for filters.
+ '''Make your UDFs Algebraic'''
+ Queries that can take advantage of the combiner generally ran much faster 
(sometimes several times faster) than the versions that don't. The latest code 
significantly improves combiner usage; however, you need to make sure you do 
your part. If you have a UDF that works on grouped data and is, by nature, 
algebraic (meaning their computation can be decomposed into multiple steps.) 
make sure you implement it as such. For details on how to write algebraic UDFs, 
+ {{{
+ A = load 'data' as (x, y, z)
+ B = group A by x;
+ C = foreach B generate group, MyUDF(A);
+ ....
+ }}}
+ If `MyUDF` is alrebraic, the query will use combiner and run much faster. You 
can run `explain` command on your query to make sure that combiner is used.
  '''Drop Nulls Before a Join'''
  This comment only applies to pig on the types branch, as pig 0.1.0 does not 
have nulls.

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