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     * Allows for param substitution in scripts.
- === Turning off multi query ===
+ === Turning off the multi-query optimization ===
  By default the multi-query optimization is enabled and scripts execution will 
be handled accordingly. If it is desired 
  to turn off the optimization and revert to "execute-on-store" behavior, the 
"-M" or "-no_multiquery" switches can be used.
@@ -398, +398 @@

+ If a split happens in a reduce plan, splittees have to be map-only jobs to be 
merged into the splitter.
+ If there are map-reduce splittees the reduce will result in a tmp store and 
the splittees are run in separate
+ jobs.
+ [[Anchor(Multi_input_splittee)]]
+ ==== Multi-input splittees ====
+ Splittees that have multiple inputs (such as produced by cogroup or join) are 
not merged into the splitter. In
+ this case the splitter will write the split input to a temporary file and the 
splittee will be started in a
+ different job.
  === Store-load sequences ===

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