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New page:
This page describes how to migrate from the old LoadFunc and StoreFunc 
interface (as of Pig 0.6.0) to the new interfaces proposed in and planned to be released 
in Pig 0.7.0.

= LoadFunc Migration =
The methods in the old LoadFunc have been split among a LoadFunc abstract class 
and 3 new interfaces - LoadMetadata (methods to deal with metadata), 
LoadPushDown (methods to push operations from pig runtime into loader 
implementations) and LoadCaster with methods to convert byte arrays to specific 
types. An example of how a simple LoadFunc implementation based on old 
interface can be converted to the new interfaces will be shown below. The 
loader implementation in the example is a loader for text data with line 
delimiter as '\n' and '\t' as default field delimiter (which can be overridden 
by passing a different field delimiter in the constructor) - this is similar to 
current PigStorage loader in Pig.

== Old Implementation ==
== New Implementation ==

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