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+ == Table mapping old API calls to new API calls
+ || ""Old Method in LoadFunc"" || ""Equivalent New Method"" || ""New 
Class/Interface in which method is present"" || ""Explanation"" ||
+ || bindTo() || prepareToRead() || !LoadFunc || bindTo() was the old method 
which would provide an InputStream among other things to the !LoadFunc to allow 
it store the stream to use in getNext(). In the new API, reading of the data is 
through the !InputFormat provided by the !LoadFunc. So the equivalent call is 
prepareToRead() wherein the !RecordReader associated with the !InputFormat 
provided by the !LoadFunc is passed to the !LoadFunc. The !RecordReader can 
then be used by the implementation in getNext() to return a tuple representing 
a record of data back to pig. ||
+ || getNext() || getNext() || !LoadFunc ||

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