Chris Angelico wrote:
>Two features added to the Process module. Firstly, a simple wrapper
>Process.check_run that calls and throws an error if the
>exit code isn't 0;

This is a bit overkill, I'd say.  It's not generic enough to put in the
lib.  What if you want to check for a certain range of exitcodes instead?
If you want this, I'd say you inherit the class and add your own convenience
functions to it, but at application level.

> and secondly, a means for to leave
>stderr attached to the console. The intention is for this to be used

That seems useful, so I'd welcome that.
But then support it for stdout too.
Then again, maybe this is better off generalised, into requiring/allowing
you to specify things like:

({"stdout":Stdio.stdout, "stderr":Stdio.stderr})

instead of the magic "-".

This would support adding different objects too, in order to redirect
directly into a file or some other pipe.

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