On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 8:12 PM, Stephen R. van den Berg <s...@cuci.nl> wrote:
> Well, ok, fair enough.  But then, try to improve on the interface and
> preferably make it work like this:
> (unless there already is an easy Pike-API for this, I'm not intimately
> familiar with the Process-group)
> // This leaves stdin and stdout and stderr unaltered
> Process.pipe.run("fgrep -e test").run("sort").run("wc");

If Pike were a shell language, this would make sense. But I would much
prefer this:

sizeof(Process.check_output("fgreb -e test") / "\n");

Pike isn't primarily about invoking subprocesses; it has a rich set of
text processing primitives built-in, so trying to make subprocess
chaining smoother is usually a waste of effort.


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