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On 2013-04-09 19:53, Simon Booth wrote:

I have had Piler successfully installed for about 6 or 7 months and
although it started out as a test I've built up quite an archive that
I don't really want to lose.  I'm now at a stage where I want to move

I'm glad that you like piler :-)

this into a production environment but don't know whether I'm better

1) Upgrade what I have to the latest version, then migrate
2) Migrate to the new host, then upgrade
3) Create a new installation of the latest version and export/import
the archived mail

My current version is 0.1.21.

I'd be interested in thoughts, and also any information that will
help me migrate the data if option 1 or 2 are best.

piler has the following data you need to move to the new host:

- /var/piler/sphinx directory -> you can copy some files, no problem
- piler database -> you can copy its files, no problem
- /var/piler/store: this directory has tons of files and directories

choosing option #1 or #2 is basically up to you. Not much difference,
since the database scheme, sphinx.conf didn't really change (only minor
changes that don't cause pain). I'd personally pick #1, since pilerexport
is somewhat smarter than in 0.1.21

Steps for option #1 and #2:

a) you basically replace/upgrade the piler binaries and the web gui
b) copy the /var/piler stuff + piler database to the new machine and
you are done

pros: simple
cons: you stay with the current (a somewhat not that efficient) database scheme

Steps option #3:

a) you export everything with pilerexport to a directory, make it available
to the new host
b) create a fresh install with 0.1.23
c) import everything

pros: improved database scheme, better parser (for mime handling)
cons: if you have tons of emails, exporting and importing would take some time (many hours). The demo site has 1.2 million emails (ok, it's a desktop pc), and the export is still running (700k messages for 6 hours). So this options
may be slow.


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