Thanks for your quick reply.
I think I expressed myself poorly.
All messages to and from Exchange go through Postfix. I need all these
messages to be forwarded to MailPiler.


Em seg, 14 de out de 2019 às 11:11, Janos SUTO <> escreveu:

> Hello Marcelo,
> assuming you want to archive internal emails as well that provably never
> reach the postfix relay, I'd rather setup journaling on exchange.
> Janos
> ------------------------------
> *From:* Marcelo Machado
> *Sent:* Mon Oct 14 15:32:45 GMT+02:00 2019
> *To:* Piler User
> *Subject:* Forward messages from another server
> I have a postfix that works as relay from an Exchange server. How do I get
> postfix to forward these messages to Mailpiler?
> Marcelo Gomes

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