Hello Stefan,

On 2020-09-17 10:52, Stefan Günther wrote:

I have a general question abou using AD accounts in mailpiler.

After configuring the AD authentication, I can successfully log into
the web interface with one the AD users.

My expectation was that this user should automatically be able to
search for emails with his address as recipient, but the search does
not return the two messages I have send about a day ago.

Do I have to add every account that should be able to search for
personal emails to the auditor group?

surely no. When you log in the gui, check your email addresses in the
upper right corner settings menu. If your emails are not there you
need to fix the email attribute the gui uses to query your email addresses.

You may also check the sphinx query in the mail log to see what email
addresses the gui assigned to you.


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