Dear piler users,

new year, new release. I've just released version 1.3.10. The release notes document has 3 items:
- switching from Blowfish to AES-256
- obsoleted the tcp_wrappers with a postscreen style smtp acl list, see my previous email and
- added the security header feature

I've already covered the first two items. The security header is an optional feature allowing
you to specify a security header in piler.conf, eg.

security_header=X-My-Security-Header: aaaaa

Then if the first email header in the given message doesn't contain the header configured above, then the message is discarded by the piler daemon. Note that the pilerimport utility disables this feature, so you can safely import legacy emails not having such extra header line.

By default this feature is disabled. It's primary purpose is to provide a security mechanism against unwanted email in the archive if limiting smtp clients via an IP-address list is not feasible.

SHA256: 55a70f94d0673d428ce433a12bdc49ee973cbd66eb3ffccf826d027383dc0eda

I also created a deb package for Ubuntu 20.04:
SHA256: 820063e005c211ddbc8bdaebec78f9a8bf19c7171d6b64d1fa0be897b04b7e13

There's even more, a docker image: sutoj/piler:1.3.10

Also, I've started to write a(n archiving related) blog, see Let me know if there's a topic you are interested in. For starters let me suggest two articles.

How to get an automatically renewing A-grade Let's Encrypt certificate with the traefik edge router:

How to run piler in a container using docker-compose:

The latter article focuses on the commercial edition, however with a little tweak you can use it
to run the docker image built with the open source edition.

I wish all of you a happy new year, stay safe!


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