Dear piler-users,

I've been using tcp_wrappers for limiting network access to several daemons,
and piler-smtp also supports it.

Unfortunately the redhat/centos distros have dropped tcp_wrappers support starting with version 8, and in some cases there might be a better way to
do the job.

If you used postfix, then you might be familiar with postscreen, a nice tool
to block spammers on the smtp level. It also supports a cidr block based
access list that has inspired me to implement it for piler.

So piler starting with version 1.3.10 supports a similar concept, and has
dropped support for tcp_wrappers.

Note that 1.3.10 hasn't been released yet, give me a few days for that,
however the master branch is pretty close, and it already has this feature.

I've created a wiki page describing the feature in more details with examples:

Note that it's an optional feature, it's your call whether you want or need it, there might be other ways to restrict smtp access to the archive, eg. host based
iptables rules, a network based firewalls.

As always I appreciate your feedback. Also since it's almost the end of the year
I'd like to gather your ideas how to improve piler.

I wish all of you a happy new year!


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