Dear piler users,

I've just released 1.3.11, a bugfix release addressing the crash of piler-smtp daemon. It occurs under certain conditions, usually when piler runs in a virtual machine, and it's suspended by a backup application while processing an email. When the VM is resumed then piler-smtp finds that it's a timeout session, then it manages to finish the smtp transaction, writes the email to disk, then it gets a SIGSEGV signal, and it terminates.

I've refactored the timeout checking code in 1.3.11 to fix this problem. Also I've changed the LDAP parameters in the piler GUI. By now the port settings as a dedicated parameter has been deprecated. You should specify the ldap uri in the ldap://

Please find the downloadable artifacts at including the source tarball, deb and rpm packages as well as the docker image.


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