Dear piler users,

I'd like to get your help with

The issue is about finding a better name for the group table.

The problem is that "group" is a reserved keyword in sql, so
you need to backtick it in a query like select * from `group`;

The reason that I picked this reserved word back then is because
I didn't find a better word for describing a group of users than

I've just looked up
and search for synonyms, but I'm stuck. I don't want to come up
with a silly word instead of 'group'.

So I'd like you to vote to either keep the table name as group
and use `group` in your queries or recommend a better word. In
the latter case we need to rename the group table to the new name
which is a trivial task, though still some manual intervention
at an upgrade to the upcoming 1.3.12 (I haven't started working
on it yet).


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