I created a group in Piler by the name of a Public Folder and assigned the email addresses from the rcpt table for that Public Folder.

Now I am trying to add the Group to the user session via CUSTOM_EMAIL_QUERY_FUNCTION but apparently the auth_data doesn't have a group field... :(

I would like to avoid having to add all email addresses of the Public Folders, is there any way to add a group to the session data?

Piler is setup to do Authentication against MS-ActiveDirectory. All Mailboxes are hosted on O365, sent to Piler via a Journaling rule. AD-Sync is setup to sync with Azure-Ad (O365).

Now when I login to Piler (Auto-Login via SSO) I don't see any additional groups for my user. It looks like for Exchange On-Premises this attribute would get populated by my distribution-groups membership. Since Groups created in O365 are not synced back, they don't exist in my AD.

I know, I can use https://www.mailpiler.org/wiki/current:custom-authentication to create group attributes based on arbitrary AD groups. I just would like to know how other people are tackling that issue.

For Public-Folder email addresses I created Groups within Piler and assigned users there.


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