On 2021-04-17 00:36, Alexander Noack wrote:
I created a group in Piler by the name of a Public Folder and assigned
the email addresses from the rcpt table for that Public Folder.

Now I am trying to add the Group to the user session via
CUSTOM_EMAIL_QUERY_FUNCTION but apparently the auth_data doesn't have
a group field... :(

I would like to avoid having to add all email addresses of the Public
Folders, is there any way to add a group to the session data?

What's the ultimate goal? Merely adding another group to the user or to
add the group address to the user? Assuming it's the latter, then you
may skip adding the group, simply just add the Public Folder email addresses
to the selected users.

Anyway, I may extend the auth_data array with the groups, if it's the
more elegant and effective solution to your problem.


Piler is setup to do Authentication against MS-ActiveDirectory. All
Mailboxes are hosted on O365, sent to Piler via a Journaling rule.
AD-Sync is setup to sync with Azure-Ad (O365).

Now when I login to Piler (Auto-Login via SSO) I don't see any
additional groups for my user. It looks like for Exchange
On-Premises this attribute would get populated by my
distribution-groups membership. Since Groups created in O365 are not
synced back, they don't exist in my AD.

I know, I can use
https://www.mailpiler.org/wiki/current:custom-authentication to
create group attributes based on arbitrary AD groups. I just would
like to know how other people are tackling that issue.

For Public-Folder email addresses I created Groups within Piler and
assigned users there.


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