Hello Patrick,

I'm glad that you made it. Can you describe what you changed
in the openssl configuration? I'd add it to the FAQ.


On 2023-06-19 08:49, patrick.we...@rgi.net wrote:
Hello Janos,

I finally found the solution. The problem lies in the openssl
The Legacy Provider was not configured in the new openssl
configuration, which results in the Mailpiler not been able to decrypt
the old mails.
Thank your very much for your support!


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Hello Patrick,

it's indeed an odd issue. Check the following:

- you can connect to the mysql piler database, can see and read from
- /var/piler/{store,tmp} dirs and contents are owned by piler
- copy an eml file to the new host, and verify that pilertest can
process it fine


On 2023-05-31 08:39, patrick.we...@rgi.net wrote:

I was trying to migrate my old piler 1.2.0 to a new host with piler

1. Specs of the old host:
    - Piler Version 1.2 build 952
    -  Debian 9

2. Specs of the new host:
    - Piler Version 1.4.2 build 1001
    - Ubuntu 22.04

3. Installed Piler 1.4.2 on new host
4. Disabled all Cronjobs on new
5. Stopped Piler Service on old: systemctl stop rc.piler.service
6. Stopped Searchd on old: systemctl stop rc.searchd.service
7. Stopped mysql on old
8. Copied the piler.key, the old host does not have an iv configured
8. Copied the mysql data from /var/lib/mysql/*
9. Created a tar archive of the sphinx files at /var/piler/sphinx:
-czvf sphinx.tar.gz ./
10. Uploaded the MySQL-files and sphinx files to the new hosts
11. Started piler, searchd and mysql on new
12. Uploaded /var/piler/store/* to the new host
13. Enabled the cronjobs on new
14. Started a reindex (reindex -a) -> Segmentation fault
15. Tried to read a mail with pilerget -> Segmentation fault

I also have tried many more solutions in the past.
The first solutions was to upgrade the piler version of the old
to 1.4.2 and then copy the files in /var/piler/sphinx/*,
/var/piler/store/* and /var/lib/mysql/*
to the new piler. I used the migration documentation on
https://www.mailpiler.org/wiki/current:migration-to-new-host [1]
After i have imported all files i tried to run a reindex. The result
was a segmentation fault error.
The second solution was similar to the first. The only difference is
that i made a dump of the sql-database and read it into the piler
database. But the result was the same (segmentation fault).

Another thing i have realized while upgrading the piler is, that the
documentation on the schema update for the mysql database on the
website (https://www.mailpiler.org/wiki/current:upgrade) differs
upgrades in the installation files.


[1] https://www.mailpiler.org/wiki/current:migration-to-new-host

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