2013/7/27, Wuzzy <wuz...@mail.ru>:
> Hi Cameron.
> I am glad you created these levels because Pingus needs levels, levels,
> levels!
> I already solved all of them expect Ice level 3. They were relatively
> easy to solve but still enyojable, so thanks. :-)
> But I want you to point out three typical beginner mistakes you made:
> 1) Placing background objects all over the level.
> Actually you just need one of it. It gets repeated automatically.
> Placing more than one background object does usually not gain you
> anything, the Pingus software just becomes slower and slower.
> 2) Placing more than one snow weather object: No matter how many
> additional snow weather objects you place, you won’t get more snow.
> 3) Placing liquid objects one-at-a-time.
> There is a much better way to do this. Did you notice that there’s a
> field called “repetitions” (or something like that) if you have
> selected a liquid object? Enter a number here and the
> water object repeats exactly that many times to the right. That way
> it’s much easier to handle lots of liquid. :-)
> However, these beginner mistakes are all trivially easy to solve.
> 1) remove the duplicate background objects
> 2) remove the duplicate weather objects
> 3) simply use repitition :-)
> I already fixed these problems by myself. In the attachment you find
> slightly altered versions of your levels in which the issues I pointed
> just out have been fixed.
> So long.
> --
> Wuzzy
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