I’m the original translator of Pingus into Norwegian Nynorsk, and 
would like to submit an updated translation. However, I have noticed
that the Pingus translation files also appear on Launchpad, with 
‘open permissions’ (i.e., anyone can edit the translation).

As expected¹, this has resulted in an inconsistent translation, that
doesn’t follow our (the Norwegian translation group’s) translation
guidelines, and with what looks like ‘contributions’ made by people 
with limited understanding of English and/or Norwegian. Some of the
translations indicates that the translator hasn’t played the game.
(However, some the translations are OK.)

My questions are:

I’m working on updating/correcting the translation file currently in
GIT. How should I submit it? Do I need to use Launchpad (with its
terrible UI)?

If Launchpad really is the intended system to be used for translating
Pingus, could the translation policy please be changed to a
‘Structured’/‘Restricted’/‘Closed’ policy (and a Pingus translation
group added)?

¹ This is the typical result of such ‘drive-by translations’ 
  that Launchpad encourages.

Karl Ove Hufthammer

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