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smcv pushed a change to annotated tag 1.42d
in repository iortcw.

*** WARNING: tag 1.42d was deleted! ***

   tag was  61d5437

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  bf6027c   All: 1.42d release options and finalizing
  discards  9116dad   MP: Fix displaying HUD in limbo menu when using 
cg_fixedAspect 2 (wide)
  discards  96df21c   MP: Center limbo view instead of stretching when using 
fixed aspect
  discards  c1e0101   Fix some minor markdown issues in README
  discards  55fd080   Update README
  discards  4e49ab4   All: Rend2: Increase MAX_DRAWN_PSHADOWS to 32
  discards  dd628c4   All: Rend2: Add cvar r_cgenVertexLit Default is On, 
Closer matches OpenGL1 behavior
  discards  9ef70a2   All: Fix error handling in RE_SaveJPGToBuffer()
  discards  561f1da   MP: Pillarbox map loading screen when using 
cg_fixedAspect on widescreens
  discards  d02d965   All: Use 2 digit hour:minute display for last server 
refresh time
  discards  9688ed7   All: Rend2: Sync tr_image_*.c files with OpenGL1
  discards  fd56996   All: Make jpeg loading errors non-fatal
  discards  488923d   MP: Fix downloading from an update server
  discards  7b8e2c1   SP: Fix loading start and end cutscene autosaves (Broken 
in 2e3c5fd)
  discards  2e3c5fd   SP: Fix loading cutscene autosaves
  discards  a75866f   All: Fix some compiler warnings
  discards  703d27b   All: Rend2: Some tr_image.c cleanup
  discards  e72efe2   All: Rend2: Switch to RGTC from LATC for normal maps Also 
added a RGTC compressor as a workaround on Intel graphics
  discards  86e2453   All: Add list of iortcw command changes for reference
  discards  926deb7   All: Add changed cvar docs for reference
  discards  0d636da   All: Remove unused menu item hacks
  discards  7529771   All: Fix scaling for cinematics when using cg_fixedAspect
  discards  ab6b457   All: Fix the defines for OSX in minizip
  discards  0af5a8b   All: Only link against internal SDL libs when 
cross-compiling on Linux
  discards  c92c008   All: Update internal zlib to 1.2.8 /  minizip to 1.1 - 
Move minizip out of qcommon - Adds large file support
  discards  a4eb850   All: Rend2: Change default value of r_baseGloss
  discards  1e2b250   All: Update lightall_fp.glsl
  discards  b7cea7d   All: Rend2: Use correct sunlight color for sunlight 
  discards  4ccfb49   All: Rend2: Parse radius entries from misc_cubemap 
  discards  ecfdf31   All: Rend2: Add r_glossIsRoughness
  discards  d210625   All: Rend2: Add option in code for alternate overbright 
  discards  b48acf1   MP: Remove the 'light dedicated' code
  discards  19a4aef   MP: Add option to build update server
  discards  afcb933   All: Print the names of any missing pk3 files
  discards  d397a95   SP: Give a few more seconds for sound fadeout at end of 
  discards  9bedf9a   Merge apsect correct branch 'flexible_hud' into 'master' 
cg_fixedAspect 0 ( Off - Default ) cg_fixedAspect 1 ( 4:3 Style HUD/UI ) 
cg_fixedAspect 2 ( Widescreen HUD/UI )
  discards  7c05199   All: Some clean up
  discards  5206fd5   MP: Fix cinematics and some scaling issues
  discards  cf5d811   SP: Fix warning about German checksums being unsigned
  discards  f7c1447   All: Rend2: Remove some rendering options for simplicity 
GLSL modified slightly to fix incorrect looking speculars
  discards  695092a   All: Add German checksums / Fix pak checks
  discards  a9b7f4d   All: Rend2: Automatically load textures with a _s suffix 
as specular
  discards  3b22540   All: Access Steam 32-bit registry key from 64-bit Windows 
  discards  0d4b832   SP: Cvar the aspect incorrect case for binocs back in
  discards  becaaf5   All: Add aspect corrected binocs
  discards  4f6ccf0   All: Add missing 4:3 case / reticle scaling for sniper / 
  discards  21c4a1f   All: Some more placement and visual fixes
  discards  cd010c9   MP: Initial fixed aspect stuff for UI / Placement fixes 
SP: Move ui_fixedAspect cvar declaration
  discards  0588254   All: Fix ammo memset to zero
  discards  79f79da   SP: Add aspect corrected UI to cg_fixedAspect
  discards  e5fad90   All: Use slightly different OpenAL build for OSX
  discards  913661e   All: Remove unused libSDL2.a / libSDL264.a from repository
  discards  04c668d   All: Update openal-soft headers and libs to 1.17.0
  discards  e57586a   All: Fix typo in sv_bot
  discards  811adce   MP: Add client cvar cl_showPing
  discards  b42b39c   All: Fix upper right placement
  discards  96d0edd   All: Fix building with external opus/opusfile
  discards  599b64f   All: Add internal x86/x64 SDL libs for Linux & Linux 
cross-compiling / Some Makefile cleanup
  discards  77188b1   All: Consolidate architechture CFLAGS in Makefile
  discards  84cdc1a   All: Don't fog the 2D items in OpenGL1
  discards  2fc6bf2   All: Fix vm_armv7l object for dedicated in Makefile
  discards  0d60fe6   All: Fix whitespace consistency in previous commit
  discards  6468628   All: Some more Makefile consolidation and cleanup
  discards  0e858d9   SP : Fix typo in Makefile
  discards  583fb34   All: Change the defaults for use of curl
  discards  7db2a5a   All: Enable Freetype support by default
  discards  001a7e0   All: Add Ludwig Nussel's ARMv7 VM support
  discards  2f57260   SP: Some fixes with old UI code
  discards  4ef2918   MP: Don't clear sound buffer on reads/writes
  discards  bb2014f   All: Fix a couple of warnings when compiling for OpenGLES
  discards  22ede07   All: Rend2: Implement refEntity_t fadeStartTime and 
  discards  79c9283   SP: Clean up some unused stuff
  discards  fb87948   SP: Add cvar cg_oldWolfUI to enable use of old Quake 
style HUD
  discards  8ed65ca   SP: Merge knightmare's g_episode cvar loading fix
  discards  5ba26b2   All: Fix a couple of item placements
  discards  4c2a29a   MP: Add fixed aspect HUD / SP: Some cleanup
  discards  a461a79   All: Fix handling of language.cfg files (if present)
  discards  be82871   SP: Fix flip-flopped positioning in CG_DrawPickupItem
  discards  eb95dff   SP: Add wide HUD option to cg_fixedAspect cvar / Some 
  discards  2d97b71   SP: Initial commit for fixed aspect HUD (Based on ZTM's 
flexible HUD mod)
  discards  8e77d80   SP: Add checksums for Italian version
  discards  203f8d2   SP: Update checksum for French version of sp_pak3.pk3
  discards  2ce8b61   SP: Add pk3 hash check for Spanish version (ES)
  discards  c6570fc   All: Fix reserved size for swap buffer command being too 
small on x86_64
  discards  e478e31   All: Fix crash from reading past end of 
  discards  880e67a   All: Fix not swapping buffers because out of cmd buffer 
  discards  801f4a0   All: Maybe fix old MSYS when there is an empty for loop
  discards  fe2af09   All: Remove unused define MAC_EVENT_PUMP_MSEC
  discards  ffe2f58   Rend2: Fix textures being white in Garand scope view
  discards  33abf65   SP: Add checksum warning for non-official sp_pak4.pk3
  discards  3f09552   All: Bump version number to 1.42d to avoid confusion with 
Knightmare's build
  discards  cb1f455   All: Fix check for empty rconpassword in CL_Rcon_f
  discards  6a9f774   Merge pull request #6 from a-detiste/master
  discards  f99a9b2   typos: sucessfully -> successfully
  discards  8922e3b   All: Fix compiling on Windows without Steam path/appid
  discards  8828966   All: Fix crash with curl
  discards  c97fac9   All: Whitespace consistency
  discards  4d684f9   All: Some more Steam path merges
  discards  e4e9797   All: Don't add fs_steampath unless defined
  discards  8f91861   All: Early out of Cmd_CompleteArgument and 
  discards  8f465ce   All: Use correct array size for facets in cm_patch.c
  discards  dcfc811   All: Fix typos and whitespace
  discards  9b531cd   All: Add Steam's install folder to search path
  discards  db1dacf   All: Fix glyph width calculation in Text_Paint_Limit
  discards  7e4c60c   All: Some curl fixes from timangus
  discards  43e76dd   All: Ensure reads from /dev/urandom are unbuffered
  discards  8dedeea   All: Fix Cvar_Unset not notifying cvar_modifiedFlags
  discards  9250781   MP: Add customShader support on brushmodels to Rend2
  discards  14fbe5c   All: Only unlock AL source if needed and print developer 
  discards  587dacb   All: Fix additional watertype operators
  discards  b1de9b3   All: Fix (unused) watertype checks in PM_WaterMove
  discards  6d910ee   MP: Change route cache version back to 12
  discards  c8d86da   All: Unify MP/SP checking route cache CRCs only if little 
  discards  7acf827   MP: Port SP improvements to AAS_ReadRouteCache
  discards  dfc6377   All: Fix writing route cache on 64 bit and big endian 
  discards  f5b5c6b   All: Merge Pan7's curl warnings
  discards  2914532   MP: Remove commented unused var for save game in SV_Map_f
  discards  90b7055   SP: Fix server time when loading or quick-loading save 
  discards  0b2536d   All: qcurl_multi_add_handle error check
  discards  9946dd8   All: Merge a couple more SDL PR's from Pan7
  discards  df0af03   All: Merge a bunch of SDL PR's by Pan7
  discards  e076101   All: SDL_Init zero check
  discards  60c054d   All: build: if tput fails, fall back to a reasonable text 
  discards  13ea9c3   Merge pull request #2 from smcv/generic-arch
  discards  3fc9cf7   All: Fix handling too many teams in UI ( Unused )
  discards  47dff9d   build: define ARCH_STRING in Makefile on Linux and other 
GNU platforms
  discards  280e54e   build: canonicalize all ARM variants to "arm", matching 
  discards  c41188e   Makefile: confine $(LIB) to the one platform that needs 
it, namely irix64
  discards  dee9cd8   All: Remove logically dead code from CL_GetServerStatus
  discards  359912d   All: Fix cgs.teamVoteString buffer overflow in 
CG_ConfigStringModified (unused)
  discards  67d4700   All: Fix alloc size for default skin and single shader 
  discards  5079d19   All: Rend2: Remove logically dead code in R_CheckFBO
  discards  3089f83   All: Don't segfault in FS_CreatePath when there are no 
path seperators
  discards  1c88e92   All: Make more vm_x86 macros use braces
  discards  6dc89fe   All: Fix range checks for numBorders in CM_AddFacetBevels
  discards  4009313   All: Backport ignoring values outside lightgrid
  discards  b73a090   All: Fix ignoring last light grid point on each axis
  discards  c33031d   All:  Remove unused fpucw from snapvector.asm
  discards  01a49b8   All: Fix Windows file list extension check
  discards  d6d620c   All: Don't fog 3D crosshair sprite
  discards  e182813   All:  Apply greyscaling to fog blocks
  discards  dfbbf3d   All: Fix CG_WaterLevel() checks
  discards  648addc   All: Add support for Aarch64 architecture and GNU/Hurd 
  discards  6edd6e1   All: Make cinematic times be int like 
  discards  de486ae   All: Remove unused function WRITE_1BYTES from cl_avi.c
  discards  9a699f2   All: Remove check for cg_recordSPDemoName.string array 
address (Unused)
  discards  6f1531c   All: Check SDL_GetNumDisplayModes return value for errors
  discards  3998e13   All: Use memmove instead of strcpy in Info_RemoveKey_Big 
(like in Info_RemoveKey)
  discards  1ca3e00   All: SIGABRT is in ANSI and POSIX.1, and SIGIOT isn't
  discards  b510d76   All: Don't use UNIX memmove with MSVC
  discards  cd26550   All: Add mingw prefix for cygwin32 and mingw32
  discards  2116392   All: Fix buffer overflow in CL_CheckForResend
  discards  c2ce868   All: Sort tr_image_*.c filenames in Makefile
  discards  41605e1   All: Don't crash if more than 128 modes are available
  discards  3c828a6   All: Add mingw64 (msys2) platform support
  discards  61e2139   All: Remove some unneeded / unsupported compiler 
  discards  2d74c41   All: Commit new gram.c / gram.y
  discards  487f713   All: Horizontal scroll should not cause K_MWHEELDOWN key 
  discards  a3a0a23   Rend2: Fix player on fire effect
  discards  89b226d   Rend2: Fog brush models (fixes spikes in crypt1)
  discards  c06460b   All: Fix warning / Clean up tr_font.c
  discards  4ebb47c   MP: Fix typo in MP pak check
  discards  b56dfc3   All: Add internal FreeType 2.5.5 source and headers
  discards  c60f99d   All: Add cg_fixedAspect cvar to maintain aspect in 
widescreen modes: Based on Knightmare's RTCW-SP
  discards  baa7425   All: Use pkg-config for a system libjpeg if available 
(libjpeg-turbo has it)
  discards  3b2d788   Rend2: Use signed value in case value goes below 0
  discards  cec395a   SP: Adjust string size for icon
  discards  779d00d   All: Fix copying the libraries to build dir on OSX
  discards  52b3dba   MP: Add ability to use system SDL2 and OpenAL libs on OSX
  discards  b75c9bb   SP: Add ability to use system SDL2 and OpenAL libs on OSX
  discards  b450d80   All: Use the RB_CHECKOVERFLOW macro in tr_animation.c
  discards  9d31e0e   All: Remove duplicated compiler flags from Mac build 
  discards  7c44c27   SP: Only define abstracted Q_vsnprintf for _MSC_VER in 
g_funcs.h and g_func_decs.h
  discards  c3c9450   All: Add a comment about non-functional bot code
  discards  c60a5f8   All: Fix return values in nested system calls from QVMs
  discards  9fbb7ad   All: Rend2: Fix shadow cubemap size
  discards  e01245c   SP: Fix attacker icon being default image if attacker 
left (Unused)
  discards  ecd1b54   All: Fix crosshair drawing not clearing color
  discards  81a5d2c   All: Rend2: Align qgl.h with OpenGL1 version
  discards  1b13177   All: Docs update
  discards  1c76a90   All: Fix Com_RandomBytes weak-random case
  discards  ec33181   All: Make RB_SurfaceAnim() use glIndex_t for correct 
index size. This fixes buggy MDS model rendering on OpenGLES.
  discards  7c443a7   All: Rend2: Fix culling again
  discards  19473f9   Create
  discards  ece10a2   All: Fix the GIT versioning
  discards  3839717   All: Remove USE_SVN define from Makefiles
  discards  d10e1db   All: Forgot to actually add .gitignore file to previous 
  discards  b64354f   All: Remove old ESDIR from Makefiles
  discards  c43c0d6   Remove old ESDIR define from SP Makefile
  discards  343ba8e   Add .gitignore and GIT versioning
  discards  1583923   All: Don't run vid_restart during window resize
  discards  91859f7   SP: Fix AICast_ScriptAction_FireAtTarget
  discards  ddcb6e1   MP: Restore setting bsptrace->ent in server's 
  discards  f2ed666   All: Set bsp_trace_t::surface.flags to surfaceFlags in 
server and game
  discards  0f070fd   All: Rend2: Remove unused function prototype from tr_fbo.c
  discards  747497f   All: Fix AAS_Reachability_Grapple's sky surface check
  discards  9b463a5   SP: A little more argument cleanup in cg_servercmds.c
  discards  520a830   SP: Add new functions to g_funcs.h and g_func_decs.h
  discards  27c2437   SP: Fix fade in on cameras
  discards  bc69747   SP: Fix camera loading for all platforms and compilers
  discards  3a90cd3   All: Fix compiler warnings about use of abs
  discards  2a9a529   All: Fix some optimization warnings when building with 
  discards  12d030f   All: Revert some of the OpenGL ES changes
  discards  8696b26   MP: Remove duplicate tr_bloom.c file
  discards  222d849   MP: Remove old README for VideoCore stuff
  discards  99758a4   MP: Fix Raspberry Pi build to work with SDL2 / Some 
  discards  3ca55c3   All: Fix saving window position on exit
  discards  5aa8b1b   SP: Fix unused variable warning from last commit
  discards  89db06e   SP: Fix Raspberry Pi build to work with SDL2
  discards  48db99a   All: Fix incorrect strncpy in S_AL_StartBackgroundTrack
  discards  107baf3   SP: Make sp_pak4 checksum unsigned (currently unchecked)
  discards  37af115   SP: Handle the pak checks for the French version without 
a seperate build
  discards  c1907ea   SP: Set default name to WolfPlayer (it gets set to this 
anyway when loading default.cfg)
  discards  ade5c82   SP: Fix off by one error message in SP pak checks
  discards  d0c849b   All: Some random cleanup and merges in sys
  discards  4b57254   All: Fix compiling lcc using mingw under cygwin (ioquake3 
  discards  105f33e   All: Inform how many shader stages the max is in the 
warning message
  discards  0034951   All: Add arrow key support for win32 console
  discards  8f6fef4   All: Move Event processor call down below the mouse checks
  discards  775097d   All: Fix crash in MSVC x64 qsnapvectorsse
  discards  6bb9ffd   All: Fix off-by-one range checks in ui_main
  discards  a3b64a4   All: Fix handling too many characters or aliases in ui 
  discards  4a9d5ae   All: Make Window_Paint check if w is NULL before 
  discards  f5e1d0a   All: Remove logically dead code from 
  discards  dc9c179   All: Fix parsing bots in arena info with trailing spaces 
  discards  2128a8f   All:  Fix possible string buffer overflows in cgame and ui
  discards  5f92af2   All: Set float rounding mode on non-Windows platforms
  discards  5dec733   All: Various LCC fixes
  discards  d1735b2   All: Ensure that mbstowcs does not overflow its buffer
  discards  df4aba5   All: Stop LCC from warning about null pointer conversion 
to function pointer
  discards  dc4cb2c   All: Fix cg.intermissionStarted only being enabled at 
first intermission
  discards  349454d   All: Fix case where interval overflows
  discards  717cc6e   All: Include stdint.h instead of inttypes.h in 
  discards  ac84448   All: Fix compile error with ml64 assembler
  discards  9b75bcc   All: Fix reading 4 byte UTF-8 text input
  discards  678fc22   SP: Change ofs from int to size_t in g_save
  discards  2af875c   All: Fix teamleader name field being too short
  discards  5752a54   All: Fix negative glyph index in text functions
  discards  7f2f6b6   All: Fix saving/loading glyph 255 in RegisterFont
  discards  da010ca   All: Rend2: Fix face culling
  discards  c528501   All: Rend2: Some culling fixes
  discards  4286106   All: Change version to 1.42c
  discards  f76e211   All: Tag 1.42b release / Bump version in trunk
  discards  c21d5d2   All: Rend2: Ensure tess VAO is bound before using it
  discards  5b08d18   All: Rend2: Fix wall marks
  discards  79f989a   All: Fix stencil shadows not drawing if has 500 or more 
  discards  840c7d4   All: Don't set fog image border color
  discards  4b0ad2c   All: Remove unfinished OpenGL display list code
  discards  f4997de   All: Correct a few OpenGL variable types
  discards  3eddd70   All: Set fog mode using GLES too (and fix a typo)
  discards  f943abf   All: Rend2: Bit more parallax optimization
  discards  d3b70df   All: Rend2: Add support for parallax occlusion mapping
  discards  6b79c3b   All: Rend2: Remove lightmap support from generic glsl 
  discards  8ff484b   All: Clear window buffer when it's created
  discards  62de750   All: Rend2: Support half floats for texcoords and vertex 
  discards  7508d9b   All: Always use GL_Cull to change cull state
  discards  18c3b98   All: Fix pid file ignoring user set fs_homepath
  discards  9706832   All: Rend2: Change normal/tangent vertex encoding
  discards  a1c7583   All: Rend2: Speed up tonemap shader
  discards  b38bf35   All: Rend2: Fix corrupt models
  discards  788c536   All: Rend2: Bit of multidraw optimization
  discards  0ffa776   All: Rend2: Fix missing surfaces with r_mergeMultidraws 2
  discards  e4e517b   All: Rend2: Interleave vertex data for static MD3s
  discards  4e059f7   All: Rend2: Fix invalid texture parameter
  discards  3ef5eb4   All: Rend2: VBO cleanup / Vertex array object support / 
Reduce redundant GL calls
  discards  f993d35   All: Rend2: Better BSP surface merging
  discards  3c0330a   All: Fix copying of OpenAL lib into build directory on 
  discards  0bd7974   SP: Revert the CFLAGS changes in Makefile
  discards  880c8b0   All: Revert the CFLAGS changes in Makefile
  discards  f7b8d15   All: Fix crash when glConfig.extensions_string is too 
  discards  b1ae5f6   All: Revert r705
  discards  4135c22   All: Rend2: Update readme / Don't segfault if 
r_ext_multitexture is disabled
  discards  acd0b9b   All: Add function for clearing global shader instead of 
duplicating the code
  discards  8018fab   All: Use correct type for thinktime
  discards  d15e455   All: Don't print the 'entered the game' messages to 
  discards  203bdd8   MP: Fix team swapping in stopwatch mode
  discards  d70b249   All: Don't add duplicate resolutions to r_availableModes
  discards  9045651   All: Realign q_shared.h and q_splineshared.h
  discards  a189741   SP: Align BASE_CFLAGS in Makefile with MP's / Fix a 
compiler warning
  discards  dd868e8   MP: Fix the searchlights on mp_dam (splines)
  discards  d9f6cd5   All: A little whitespace cleanup
  discards  8af8e9b   All: Fix 'Context Menu' and 'Windows' key bindings
  discards  3fc4828   SP: Use correct function return type for FS_ReadFile in 
  discards  62179db   Don't build QVMs by default
  discards  9fd3eef   All: Add some missing QVM defines
  discards  e1dd82b   SP: Fix building / loading QVMs (Still not fully working)
  discards  3db59f0   All: Miscellaneous shader fixes
  discards  34b16bc   MP: Fix typo in bg_animation
  discards  b1b283f   SP: Fix a bunch of stuff flagged by clang analyzer
  discards  66d60e2   MP: Restore final parse for movespeed in bg_animation 
  discards  70036ac   All: Fix some line endings
  discards  794b137   SP: Restore cl_cgame (Committed in error)
  discards  54bcfe3   MP: Fix a bunch of stuff flagged by clang analyzer
  discards  d49d4be   All: Fix some clang warnings
  discards  059a5cd   All: Fix a few more warnings
  discards  1b98e3d   All: Makefile: Add the SDL and OpenAL libs when using 
BUILD_ARCHIVE on Windows and Mac
  discards  417640a   Rend2: Add support for wolf fog to shaders that use 
  discards  56a4620   Rend2: Fix some shader stages remaining visible through 
fog volumes
  discards  7660e94   All: Use ColorIndexForNumber in Con_DrawSolidConsole
  discards  0ea335e   All: Port COM_ParseExt fixes to CommaParse
  discards  a0bfd10   All: scroll/caps/num lock keys send KEYUP event when key 
is released
  discards  b11e62b   All: Add ColorIndexForNumber macro replacing '& 0x07'
  discards  b2d5e3d   All: Don't scale cinematic time by timescale twice
  discards  985df00   All: Rend2: Remove a numIboIndexes=0 that is not read 
from tr_bsp.c
  discards  ec14d7f   All: Fix incorrect rgbGen const reading uninitialized 
  discards  0d4de9d   All: Fix incorrect strncat usage in CL_ServerInfoPacket
  discards  1f3ecf1   All: Remove unused functions from null_main.c and 
  discards  722a963   All: Fix libvorbis warning from last commit
  discards  09a8efb   All: Fox some libvorbis warnings
  discards  020d33d   All: Get clipboard data from SDL
  discards  1e3fca2   All: Fix binding KP_NUMLOCK
  discards  5be611a   All: Update libogg to 1.3.2
  discards  9fd43cf   All: Update opusfile to 0.6
  discards  f0effe8   All: Some OSX related "fixes"
  discards  a4a2c81   All: Fix assorted warnings
  discards  8bc1928   All: Call S_AL_ClearSoundBuffer from S_AL_StopAllSounds 
like in Base sound
  discards  368add9   All: Only print allocated AL source count on init
  discards  0396838   All: Fix S_ClearSoundBuffer
  discards  75fd680   MP: Fix compiler warning from last commit
  discards  92ef021   MP: Fix team swapping in stopwatch gametype when there is 
no warmup
  discards  9b26b0d   SP: Add cvar to adjust talk animations in OpenAL
  discards  66cfcf9   MP: Don't cut off voice chats in OpenAL
  discards  f93996b   All: Bump maximum number of AL sources
  discards  ac4dcdf   SP: Implement talk anims when using OpenAL
  discards  dd7ea13   All: Rend2: Fix a GLSL compile error on old hardware with 
r_shadowFilter 0
  discards  ae43922   All: Rend2: Remove R_MipMap and R_MipMap2 / Fix gamma 
conversion in R_MipMapsRGB
  discards  d17523d   All: Rend2: Add fourth cascade for sun shadows and adjust 
sun shadow cvar defaults
  discards  a24de78   All: Guard against out-of-bounds jump table targets
  discards  930877a   All: Fix MDS LOD using frontend data in backend code
  discards  fb65f98   All: Restore statically linked libraries for MingW build
  discards  96e1f94   All: Don't use -mwindows with Clang on Windows
  discards  3ee5004   All: Rend2: Don't load external GLSL files by default
  discards  ea0c9c6   All: Align the master server defines closer to ioq3
  discards  f149cf0   All: Rend2: Replace R_MipMapsRGB() with faster version
  discards  7543688   All: Fix building with curl on Linux PPC
  discards  38113db   All: Fix compiling on Linux Mint
  discards  a08c923   All: Make external library linking nicer
  discards  411d7dc   All: Fix fast-math optimize flag for MinGW build (Found 
by DevHC)
  discards  68f77ad   MP: Fix g_doWarmup (Backport from Coop)
  discards  6f45362   SP: Remove extracthuns binary (Added in error)
  discards  edf95db   Don't draw client console buffer past top of screen / 
Restore drawing a cut off client console line
  discards  fc58d3b   MP: Remove unused AddMaxLivesIP and ClearMaxLivesIP / 
Remove extra whitespaces
  discards  ecfe9f1   SP: Regenerate g_func_decs.h and g_funcs.h (Used for save 
  discards  3bab8a5   All: Remove unused cvar in_joystickDebug
  discards  f46a3b1   All: Remove unused array joy_pressed
  discards  1599fff   All: Fix / clean up console output of scripting events
  discards  7c35d4d   All: Revert r631
  discards  3a7426e   All: Attempt 2 to fix versioning on a top-level checkout
  discards  6d9a4e8   All: Attempt to fix versioning on a top-level checkout
  discards  2deb294   All: Attempt to fix svn versioning on newer subversion 
  discards  112b013   All: Fix USE_SVN define in Makefile (for version string)
  discards  81e16e8   All: Make r_fullscreen a latched cvar like vanilla
  discards  e85f760   All: Fix SkipRestOfLine going past end of string
  discards  d08731d   All: Fix building with curl on SPARC
  discards  ffb768c   SP: Fix crash when using pmove_fixed 1
  discards  1f7ffb6   All: Fix link to Cygwin setup in build instructions
  discards  d05f240   All: Rend2: Don't try to dlight surfaces that had all 
dlights culled
  discards  1629e08   All: Revert commit r405...Pretty much unusable
  discards  39eacb6   All: Uncrustify cl_avi.c
  discards  b55e35e   Reimplement cl_avidemo command (screenshot method) for 
backward compatibility
  discards  210982f   Add doc with building instructions
  discards  b17617a   Clean up some old / incorrect docs
  discards  766aaf4   MP: Remove legacy TODO for using CM_ClearMap, it is used
  discards  e76dcf6   SP: Fix demo playback crashing if starts on last map 
loaded by server
  discards  1a44a9a   All: Use OpenAL-Soft by default on OSX instead of Apple's 
  discards  84eed89   SP: fix comment in cg_players
  discards  b3b2f2b   SP: Remove embarrassingly bad sounding spirit_loop sound 
  discards  25a7fd8   All: Fix func_bats to work with Tequila's fast move case 
unsetting SVF_NOCLIENT
  discards  2536fd2   All: Remove trailing text after last GL extension in UI
  discards  ba4083b   SP: Fix displaying GL extensions overflowing 'lines' in 
  discards  f1e81bb   All: Fix an invalid null deref check in the slider code
  discards  a0b5f69   All: Rend2: Reimplement MD3 tangent space calculation
  discards  f6da407   All: Fix potential OOB in Windows Dedicated TTY CON_Show
  discards  23d4545   All: Fix OOB access in CM_EdgePlaneNum
  discards  52ab0e7   All: Fix potential buffer overflow caused by long tcMod 
  discards  ffa7d94   All: Rend2: Have Rend2 "map $lightmap" check for NULL 
tr.lightmaps too
  discards  25213db   All: Fix max bans range check in SV_AddBanToList
  discards  1ba3705   All: Fix unchecked buffer size issues in l_script.c and 
  discards  40ec4c5   Fix potential buffer overflow in PS_ReadPrimitive
  discards  68b8dce   Rend2: Don't use memset with non-zero value to fill ints
  discards  c8f6eb2   All: Disable key repeat if key catcher is 0
  discards  6a72eea   All: Fix download loop when loading 'media-only' mods 
from pure servers
  discards  f5b8acf   SP: Use same autogenerated key name as MP
  discards  b825d02   All: Rend2: Use the same size for sun/moon as OpenGL1 
  discards  a4d2d85   All: Make R_LerpTag for MDR use startIndex and return tag 
  discards  ccbad51   All: Make R_LerpTag for IQM model return tag index or -1 
if tag is not found
  discards  ea00cf3   All: Make R_LerpTag return qfalse if MDR tag does not 
  discards  1d9a07f   SP: Revert change to g_mover in r408 (Fix freezing 
spirits on end map)
  discards  c0667b4   All: Remove redundant failure mesage when unable to load 
OpenAL driver
  discards  1d83b1c   All: Fix OpenAL fallback driver for Win64
  discards  04dc041   MP: Fix falling back to unpure QVM
  discards  731068e   MP: Remove unused variable mpsppakfilestring
  discards  16a7af1   MP: Don't load unzipped dlls from homepath
  discards  5f7dc41   MP: if vm_xxx 0 don't load cgame qvm on pure servers
  discards  c415632   MP: Explicitly allow linux i386 and other native libs to 
be used on pure server
  discards  e85f576   MP: Print what pk3 dll is being loaded from
  discards  733a206   MP: Look for QVM first when vm_xxx is set to 2
  discards  2a905ca   MP: Fix pure argument for FS_FindVM
  discards  52d76f7   MP: Undo last several commits...not changing gameplay 
aspects in this project
  discards  aa0e810   Fixed browser scrolling with mouse wheel..Hovering over 
scroll bar and spinning the wheel on the mouse will now scroll as it was 
suppose to.
  discards  408efe1   Added +vstr command so players can customize various 
commands without resolving to scripts.
  discards  4dab8b2   - Pushed warmup Objective prints little lower - Added 
fancy Warmup print in corner as in OSP..
  discards  37d5b2f   Ported shake camera (on explosions..) from NQ mod as 
default came shaking makes me dizzy..
  discards  7ecb1b5   Client enhancement, feature added: - cg_noAmmoAutoSwitch
  discards  76900c3   Client enhancements, added following features: - 
cg_crosshairPulse - cg_drawWeaponIconFlash - cg_bloodDamageBlend - 
cg_bloodFlash - cg_muzzleFlash - cg_complaintPopUp
  discards  4f6eb7b   Created VS13 solution for logic only to support any 
Windows modders out there, as well so I can dive in and drop few lines at 
times. 32 or 64 builds are available and working (tested). It's only for logic 
so maintenance is minimal - I'll drop an eye from time to time to update it if 
  discards  b74667a   Deleted g_vehicles.h as it's unused..
  discards  5027afa   All: Fix CL_GetTag QVM tagname buffer length
  discards  662cba0   Fix Game VM's trap_GetTag crashing when CGame is a QVM
  discards  128c70e   Add 1.42a folder to tags
  discards  e37e5c1   Add tag for 1.42a release / Bump trunk version to 1.42b
  discards  03f067f   All: Rend2: Update rend2-readme.txt
  discards  97eae63   All: Change default value of r_overBrightBits to 0
  discards  c53c848   All: Rend2: Remove sRGB support, replace with gamma cvars
  discards  0953275   All: Use correct path seperator for Windows
  discards  633e351   All: Rework last commit to support Cygwin64
  discards  34ac3a3   All: Fix building QVM's when cross-compiling with Cygwin
  discards  8065534   All: Remove -falign-loops and -falign-jumps from Makefiles
  discards  b842ae7   All: Remove unused extern qboolean charSet
  discards  c94bdd3   SP: Remove shader fix for incorrectly lit flags (Fixed in 
  discards  536b582   All: Rend2: Use areamask and leaf cluster for PVS when 
VIS is missing
  discards  f916cd1   All: Fix FS_FOpenFileReadDir non-zero file handle when 
file not found in pk3
  discards  64fb386   All: Partially revert r540 (Causes crash with higher 
com_soundMegs settings)
  discards  34b03de   All: Fix ctrl+key codes for edit fields
  discards  00d2b86   All: Rend2: Parallax corrected cubemap (cheaper trick)
  discards  fb34311   All: update SDL to version 2.0.3
  discards  410ccfa   All: Fix warning from last commit
  discards  abd29c4   All: Add fallback to default if setting 
  discards  35bb7d2   All: Don't crash when fail to create SDL window
  discards  158f112   All: Bunch of comment fixes
  discards  31200f5   MP: Fix multi_flagpoleAnimsInline size
  discards  fd64248   MP: Fix control point flag model animations in CGame QVM
  discards  0af5af6   All: Change default value of s_alDopplerSpeed
  discards  26f1a72   All: Rend2: Set cap on ambient and direct light
  discards  85e4037   All: Don't mix sfx with NULL soundData / DMA 44kHz needs 
more memory for sound buffers
  discards  7c90b7d   All: Parse q3map_sunExt in OpenGL1 renderer
  discards  5ec86cb   All: Some various renderer cleanups (See notes)
  discards  7ad9fe9   All: Rend2: Don't wash out HDR vertex light surfaces
  discards  5683b60   All: Update SDL libraries and headers to 2.0.2
  discards  3a8b3df   All: Rend2: Set default normal/specular in 
  discards  8d3ee48   All: Rend2: Remove 'Cheat' label from r_forcesun in README
  discards  1afa4c3   All: Rend2: Update the README
  discards  52047c1   All: Rend2: Add normalScale and parallaxDepth stage 
keywords and helper cvars
  discards  588b86f   All: Rend2: Minor GLSL shader improvements
  discards  b5a3663   All: Fix native trap_BotMutateGoalFuzzyLogic
  discards  0cb77f0   SP: Don't check AI for connection status (Fix phone jack 
icon issue)
  discards  9d961a6   All: Remove references to alDopplerVelocity
  discards  438b979   All: Fix colored name padding and allow IPv6 address to 
fit in output of 'status' command
  discards  724d1f7   All: Rend2: Remove and force r_softOverbright
  discards  bffea3e   All: Rend2: Fix rendering when r_hdr = 0 and 
r_floatLightmap = 1
  discards  b8d03f5   All: Update curl to 7.35.0
  discards  109689a   All: Rend2: Set RGBM to use a multiplier of 1, and only 
use it with HDR lightmaps
  discards  f4afead   MP: Fix a warning when compiling with clang
  discards  97d0d96   All: Add support for clang 3.4
  discards  3a6b770   All: Fix sending pk3 download error messages to clients
  discards  6654b64   All: Clear referenced paks when disconnecting
  discards  bf54555   All: Add vorbis 1.3.4 support (Still disabled by default)
  discards  6793031   All: When cross compiling on mingw32, make sure it finds 
a CC
  discards  640d13f   MP: Add gender specific obituaries for self kills
  discards  6f53efb   All: Don't clear screen during CA_LOADING and CA_PRIMED
  discards  eb3d821   All: Don't use zip target in Makefile unless 
BUILD_ARCHIVE define is set
  discards  3503e5c   All: Don't restart the renderer in SV_SpawnServer
  discards  9a70228   MP: Add ability for server to load a map-specific config 
on map load
  discards  2770901   MP: Set cl_guid to NO_GUID when no cdkey is present like 
vanilla client
  discards  35fd158   All: Revert r507
  discards  7a3f820   All: Re-allow setting OpenAL input device / Fix fallback 
driver code
  discards  79967c1   All: Fix check for jpeg_mem_ to work with libjpeg-turbo
  discards  4fd0b1c   All: Change the OpenAL driver and device cvars to 
CVAR_ROM / Add the reference OpenAL dll's for windows
  discards  7101f80   All: Update opusfile to 0.5
  discards  03cb290   All: Check for buffer overflow for rail/lightning surfaces
  discards  ca79516   All: Don't play all 'local' sounds at full volume
  discards  ee12f94   MP: Use upper-case for Punkbuster cl_guid like vanilla 
  discards  450a83b   MP: Only calculate cl_guid on startup when using 
Punkbuster MD5
  discards  5ab5797   MP: Remove the console print of CD key / clean up some 
stuff uncrustify shifted
  discards  1aa3306   MP: Add the Punkbuster implementation of MD5
  discards  79137ec   MP: Use Punkbuster MD5 implementation for cl_guid / 
Rename autogenerated key to avoid confusion
  discards  1e2cc90   All: Remove check for Windows versions in make copyfiles
  discards  8b787af   MP: Missed one line in last commit
  discards  1dfad37   All: Fix indentation issue in Makefiles
  discards  e9549aa   All: Fix stuttering in non-local looping sounds
  discards  47a1152   MP: Add stub for FS_Delete (not used in MP)
  discards  594d44e   All: Change to full volume for AddRealLoopingSound (not 
used) in AL
  discards  1147f7a   All: Make the AL version of AddLoopingSound closer to 
Base version
  discards  2f46cb4   All: Update the win64 SDL libs to use the new dll name 
  discards  830a2cb   All: Rename the included 32bit SDL2 dll
  discards  de879bf   All: Rename the SDL2 libraries so that x86 and x64 can 
coexist in the same directory
  discards  b65ae5d   All: Update the readme's
  discards  2254bc6   All: Fix flamethrower stream sound (Still missing when 
using vanilla MP cgame)
  discards  1811d3f   MP: Properly handle vm_* cvars / Always extract dlls from 
mp_bin so they can be found
  discards  5eeab8d   All: Rend2: Fix non-HDR map surface over brighting
  discards  310fed3   MP: Fix cgame key binds staying bound while in console
  discards  0b49c4d   All: Fix SCR_UpdateScreen crash from VOIP
  discards  9fed949   All: Rend2: Dont call va each frame in 
  discards  62fadc4   MP: Only touch legacy dll for pure check
  discards  81d3a4d   All: Bump default com_hunkmegs to 256
  discards  85a8f78   SP: Update the mac build scripts with new naming 
  discards  7af580f   All: Move SDL 2.0.1 branch to trunk

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