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>> I am using "gbp import-orig" (with --uscan if possible),
> Me too. :)
>> so I don't see
>> this branch as particularly difficult to maintain.
> Not too difficult. But quite often it fails on merge to "master"... Also 
> repacking orig tarball and re-importing it with "gbp import-orig" have little 
> value, given the effort. Imported tarballs quickly depreciate and maintenance 
> cost is not negligible. KDE team maintains all their packages without 
> overhead of "upstream" branches. IMHO abandoning "upstream" branches 
> (especially if they are used merely to accommodate imported tarballs) would 
> be particularly beneficial to our team where so many packages need DFSG-
> cleanup and repackaging.

Note that uscan can do the repack automatically (with excluded files
listed from debian/copyright). However, it only works if there is a
tarball to download (so with git snapshots, this may be difficult, but
maybe there is a creative way to do that).

As for the matter, I have no strong opinion on this. Having the same
convention for all packages would be nice, of course.
Many pages make a thick book, except for pocket Bibles which are on very
very thin paper.

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