>>>>> "Dmitry" == Dmitry Smirnov <only...@debian.org> writes:

    Dmitry> On Friday, 2 September 2016 10:01:14 AM AEST Sam Hartman wrote:
    >> If a job includes a cache, then it appears that the initial
    >> working directory is some directory inside the cache, *not* the
    >> top of the project directory.

    Dmitry> Please discuss upstream. From the description of the problem
    Dmitry> I'd say it is an upstream issue. I don't understand the
    Dmitry> problem well enough to help. Besides it may be worth trying
    Dmitry> the latest version...

I appreciate that you won't be able to help directly, but I'm really
frustrated when I am told to "discuss with upstream."  We, Debian, have
agreed to provide a coherent operating system that works together.
Part of what we sign up to do when we agree to maintain packages is to
do a fair bit of upstream coordination.
I don't know where the upstream bug tracker is.  I don't have an account
I don't wish to get an account there.  I don't wish to evaluate whether
Debian has applied patches that matter in this space.  I know we've
significantly changed how the runner image is constructed for example,
and I don't think that matters in this instance.
But the agreement we make to our users is that we provide a single
consistent interface for them to report bugs.
If you don't have the skills to work on this issue it's entirely
reasonable to forward it upstream.
It's also greatly appreciated that you let me know that if I want a
faster response I  might want to deal with upstream directly.


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