On 28/08/16 11:24, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:

>> --- FAIL: TestAll (0.01s)
>>      lint_test.go:95: Lint failed at errorf.go:29; /should 
>> replace.*t\.Error\(fmt\.Sprintf\(\.\.\.\)\).*t\.Errorf\(\.\.\.\)/ did not 
>> match
>>      lint_test.go:95: Lint failed at time.go:11; /Msec.*\*time.Duration/ did 
>> not match
>>      lint_test.go:95: Lint failed at time.go:13; /Secs.*time.Duration/ did 
>> not match

I checked, and I can reproduce this problem, even if I update to the
latest upstream commit. On the other hand, if I download and build the
package directly with go get, I get no errors. So, I pressume this might
be related to some change in golint's only dependency, x/tools...

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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